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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Theme be customised for my own website?

Yes, the website is supplied with the functionality of the demo sites, with complete customization of the colour-scheme throughout initially, and, for an extra cost I can also modify almost any aspect of the website functionality to your preference, after agreeing upon a price for the changes you require. This may include adding new features, creating new forms or processes, and generally there are no limits to the functionality that can be added to the base platform which you can view on any of the demo sites.

There are also thousands of freely available WordPress plugins that can also add extra functionality to the base platform, without the need for custom-coding.

Please contact me to discuss the changes you might require and I can provide quotes for modifications.

Can the content be displayed in my country’s currency and area settings?

Yes, the demo site displays UK-based settings for currency and areas (because I’m based in the UK), but you can change these settings and options very easily in the control panel.
You can, for example, set the currency to USD or EURO, and then define the areas as per your own Town, State, Region or Country, so that all the listings are both searchable and displayed using your own Country or Region’s currency and areas.

How is the website supplied?

I upload the website files and configure the database for you, so no physical collection is required.

Once I have uploaded and configured the website, I provide you with the FTP details for you to retrieve the files, and your login, username and password for the control panel where you can immediately start adding your Pages, Properties and general content.

When you have pointed the nameservers for your domain name (see below), the website can be ready to upload in about 48 hours.

Can I use my own hosting?

Yes, you can use your own hosting, or we can provide hosting and email services on setup.
If you already have your own hosting account and would like to use it, please check it supports all the required features, most of which, but not limited to, are: support for: PHP, WordPress (latest version), .HTACCESS files, MySQL, MySQL database administration control panel (eg: phpMyAdmin or similar).

We can alternatively setup and install the website on an account provided by us, and you can then choose to move the site to your own hosting account yourself, if you are familiar with FTP and WordPress Theme and Plugin activation.

What do I need to do to get started?

1) Own or Register your own domain-name

You must already own your own domain name and notify me what the domain name is to be used for the website

2) Point the nameservers for your domain-name

Point the nameservers to the nameservers I provide you with after the sale

I can help you with pointing the domain nameservers, if you are unfamiliar with this.

Got a question?

If you have any questions, please contact me to discuss your requirements or answer any queries.

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